Sir David Attenborough takes us on a journey of adventure and discovery into the amazing world of bioluminescence. Shown as part of the BBC's 'Attenborough at 90' season.
Davina McCall travels to extreme enviornments to see how animals (and she) survive in some of the toughest places on Earth. But in this clip she has a rather more gentle encounter with a monkey!
A clip from the beginning of the Autumn episode of this series about Scottish wildlife. Narrated by John Hannah.

An early sequence from this natural history film, introducing characters and setting the scene. 

Pre-title sequence for an episode of River Monsters, one of Animal Planet's most successful ever shows.

Post-title opening sequence for a 3 part series about amazing inventions inspired by animal super-powers.

In a break from the extreme weather on Mt Washington, Richard Hammond explains an interesting phenomenon caused by the high winds that usually blow there.

Featuring cowboy RC Bridges, who has developed a special bond with his 'pet' buffalo, Wild Thing

Clip from first episode of three series of Nature Shock, which investigated unusual events in the natural world - in the style of a crime drama.

Section from Robert Newman's stand-up show on the political reasons for war.

At the start of his quest to find and photograph hyenas in the wild, Austin Stevens heads to Harare in Ethiopia, where humans and hyenas live side by side.